17 February 2012


Hajimemashite, mina-san!  Dozo yorushiku!!  Welcome!  Recently I was reading a bunch of websites giving advice on how to blog, and one of the things recommended was to blog about something you love.  I’ve been blogging about writing, poetry, novels, etc, but although I am passionate about those things, I’m obsessed with manga, anime, etc.  The only problem is . . . I’m alone in my obsession (at least in my real life). ::cue sad violin music::  So, I decided to start this blog as a way to express my love for anime, manga, etc., without having to endure the pitying looks. ^_^ 

But first, before I delve into all my wonderful series, here are a few notes about me, my anime/manga philosophy, and some disclaimers thrown in for fun:

1.  Most of the manga I read is in Chinese or English.  So sometimes I list the wrong names of the characters because I’m using the Chinese name not the Japanese one, although I try to use the original Japanese name if possible when talking about characters.  If you are interested in reading a certain manga in English, just email me and I might be able to provide you a link to a scanslation online.  ^_^ 

2.  I call myself otome instead of otaku, because I’m a girl and the Chinese characters 宅男(used in Taiwan) for otaku literally means ‘house boy’ (as in a boy who never leaves the house because he is busy reading manga, watching anime, collecting models, and who knows what else . . .>.<).  And although otome means ‘house girl’, I’d like to say I do get out every once in a while.  Though I would be more than happy to turn into a ‘house girl’ if only my husband would let me . . . sigh . . .

3.  As far as anime, I always prefer the subbed over the dubbed.  Why?  I just love hearing Japanese.  Especially those deep-voiced bishies. @_@  (Although I do have a pet peeve about my favorite male character having a female voice actress.  It’s just . . . I can tell it’s a girl!!  Where’s the deep voice I heard in my mind while reading the manga?  Ahem . . .anyway moving along . . .)

4.  Hello, everyone, my nickname is Bakuchiku and I am . . . a fangirl.  There!  I’ve said it!  I love me some hot bishies.  And no there’s nothing wrong with being in love with an anime/manga character. (At least that’s what I tell the crazy woman in the mirror)  So, if anyone is unlucky to stumble across this insane blog and thinks, “Just get over Neah (Allen Walker’s evil side from D Gray Man)!”  That person has permission to virtually slap me upside the head.  Be gentle.

5.  And as for yaoi- I have been to known to flip through the occasional yaoi manga, but it’s not really my thing.  (Though I love to read all the debates that yaoi fans get into about who’s uke and seme in the story . . .strange, I know, but then again you’ve probably guessed I’m strange by now . . .)  I actually prefer reading shoujo and some shounen of the magical girl/fantasy world variety.  There’s just something about a hero in the story who is this super nice guy with a tragic past . . .::sighs and thinks of Allen from D Gray Man::

Hmm. . . I think that’s it for now . . . unless anyone has any questions!  I love questions especially about my favorite topic, but I’m happy to talk about Mandarin, Chinese, Taiwan, etc. 
I’m planning to post at least two recommended mangas/animes every two weeks, but I will also try to introduce the manga/anime world here in Taiwan as well.  And if there are any fellow otomes/otakus in Taipei that need a shopping buddy when they go to Animate, please let me know.  Though I won’t be able to help you with self-control, I always manage to leave that darn store with five mangas in hand when I only went it to ‘look’.
Next week I will introduce D Gray Man!!  Best to get that one over with so I can stop going on and on about it . . . or at least try to stop . . . Stay tuned!


  1. "And no there’s nothing wrong with being in love with an anime/manga character." Thank you!! I admit it, I have a crush on Portgas D. Ace from One Piece! There. It's out in the open. Luckily, hubby already knew this and is very accepting ;)

    1. I just googled Portgas . . . @_@ He is definitely crush-worthy!! (The guys who cosplayed him weren't bad either . . ) Yeah, my husband says he prefers that I crush on anime/manga characters because that's better than real people ^^ Heh heh~ He's so practical!

    2. He is, right? And I love that your hubby is so practical about your crushes! Now for my newbie question... What and where is animate?