11 April 2012

Updates and Bunnies!

Oh, Natsu, I feel your pain~
Hi, mina-san!!  Sorry I have been MIA for so long~~  I am so sick right now. @_@  On the upside though that has given me lots of time to catch up on my anime-watching and manga-reading.  So, as soon as I stop looking like Exhibit A over here ----------->
I will be back with lots of new posts about the anime scene in Taipei, (more maid cafe, a mall that is a geek's paradise, and some awesome shops)  And I plan to do quite a few reviews (Soul Eater, Aquarian Evol, Youku X Boku SS and Guilty Crown ~ Did I miss any good anime or manga?  Let me know if you have any recommendations!!).  Ooo~  And some updates on a couple of awesome Japanese singers I've found!  So please forgive me for being gone so long!!  Sumimasen!!!  m(_ _)m

I know I like bishie bunnies ^^
But I don't want to leave my fellow otakus and otomes with out some Japanese goodness, so here is a link to a video about a cafe that I am dying to visit . . . A bunny cafe!!!  Because after all who doesn't like bunnies??  You do like bunnies, right??  Now, to research bunny cafes in Taipei . . .

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