07 September 2012

Maid Cafe Adventure: Part 2 - Fatimaid

Once again, I was off to visit another maid café in Taiwan, but this time I had a willing otome friend to accompany me!  And don’t get me wrong, it is just as fun to go off on adventures with otakus, but there is just something so relaxing about drinking tea and chatting about anime with a friend who doesn’t mind gushing about bishies!
Well, after a trek through the subway (and through a few alleys~ my sense of direction is terrible!), we arrived at our destination hungry and ready to sample some anime-influenced food. ^_^

Browsing Fatimaid's menu . . .
The café – Fatimaid

Location – Actually, if you have a good sense of direction (I do not, hence, the reason I got lost) the café is very easy to find.  It is right next to exit Y13 at Taipei Main Station.  When you exit the underground mall, just walk straight ahead and Fatimaid is on the second floor. 

Atmosphere – The inside of the café is set up to feel like an elegant dining room, complete with chandelier hanging from the ceiling and gauzy curtains softening any sunlight shining in.  There are also a few bookshelves filled with manga and various anime/manga collectibles.  (I also noticed a strong bias towards One Piece in those collectibles, but I know how popular One Piece is in Taiwan right now . . . sigh . . .)  Guests are more than welcome to grab a manga (they even had some in English!!) to while away the short wait for their meal.

My delicious sandwich ^_^
Cuisine – My friend (who I affectionately think of as Mrs. Ace because she loves Portgas D. Ace from One Piece) ordered the omelette and when it was delivered our maid asked us what she’d like to have written on it.  For a minute both of us were surprised at the question, but then I quickly piped up, “One Piece” and Mrs. Ace happily nodded her consent. 
I ordered a sandwich, which came promptly to the table with my tea.  It tasted quite good (although I did feel the food was better at Good Smile Café) and I really liked the drawing they had done in ketchup on the plate.  If only I could draw so well!  The food also wasn’t too expensive.  If you’d like a peek at their menu it is up on their website.

Photo Source - China Economic Net
The service – The maid costumes at Fatimaid are adorable and all the waitresses are in character from the moment you step through the door! *^_^* Although you have to pay to take a picture with the maids, it might be worth it considering how cute they are.  It did take some getting used to being called ‘mistress’ in Mandarin, but even those simple phrases added to the elegance of the café.  The only one drawback was that the Mandarin they used was so formal I had some trouble understanding.  (Making me feel somewhat uncouth with my ‘daily conversation’ Mandarin! >.<) Still, the level of cuteness was high, and the maids were very friendly and more than happy to help us take pictures of everything (but themselves, of course).

After finishing our meals and tea, Mrs. Ace and I browsed the collectibles, commented on the manga, and bid our ‘maids’ adieu.  We both agreed it is was a very enjoyable way to pass the afternoon and headed off to our next destination – the underground mall for some anime and manga shopping. 

It is difficult to compare Fatimaid with Good Smile Café because the themes are a bit different even though they are both maid cafés.  I would say if you want more of an anime feel, Good Smile Café is the place for you, but if you want to feel like a princess, Fatimaid is the way to go.  So what do you like more: feeling like you are in an anime?  Or feeling like a princess (or prince, as the case may be)? As my usually indecisive self, I choose both!!  See you next time for a post on shopping for anime and manga in Taipei!  Ja ne!!    

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